An Update before The Update

Published: Mon, 01/11/16

SVM Global Initiative Updates
January 11, 2016
Hi ,

The saboteurs were able to have both my corporate and personal accounts with Wells Fargo shutdown just after I directed everyone to walk future payments into the bank until I could set-up the new pay processor. That little assault took place between 10:30 pm EST and 7am the following morning (New Year's Eve).

I had to wait til the holidays were over to make the changes needed to continue the flow of business (December 31st to January 4th), then take the time necessary to submit documentation as needed for new accounts (January 4th-8th). Spent the weekend with my grand kids and my sister's 4, totaling 6 boys from infant to 8 yrs old (January 8th-11th) and now I'm back at my desk. I know it seems I've been away for a long time but it's really only been a few days.

I'm disgusted in how far these people will go to stop me and keep us from being successful at ending poverty around the world . . . thoroughly disgusted and what time I wasn't using working out strategies to secure us from future attacks, I've been walking it off.

One of our team members was concerned that taking my time to update everyone on our status would create doubt and fear that we wouldn't be moving forward. If anyone wants to be concerned let it be for how the opposition is going to recover once I get through with them!!!


I have been working on an email for the better part of a week that will give you more to look forward to. I hope you understand I will have to be more withholding of details for security but trust that I have our best interests at heart and will not stop until you have your benefits in hand.

Still to come:

An email with Updates and Information
Updated Client Service Level Confirmation Letters
Links to sign up into The Marketplace.



All the best!

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